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Connecting Communities

MINDTRIBES is very conscious of the economic differences between developed and developing countries.

As Australia leverages the benefits of doing business in Asian and ASEAN countries, and this lifts economic conditions of thousands of local staff, there is much to be done within local communities. MindTribes Founder and Managing Director, Div Pillay is passionate about Children, Girls’ Education, Womens’ Health and Women’s Entrepreneurial Skills. MINDTRIBES Gives was created to address this gap.

With every deal signed, MindTribes proudly gives up to 10% of the deal to Plan International, specifically to the ‘Because I am a Girl’ Campaign. To view this campaign’s outstanding work click here.

In addition we continuously support two children, one in India and one in The Philippines to represent our client’s business interests in those developing countries.  We courageously ask our clients what they are doing corporately to contribute.

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