The MIBQ is the first online tool that assesses cross-cultural work behaviours across the Australia, Asia and South Africa.

The more contemporary tools have been studied, evaluated and cross-referenced with the MIBQ to ensure that the base comparisons between Eastern, Western and African business contexts are incorporated. MIBQ’s differentiator lies in the focus on work behaviours.

This online tool comprises of 27 items in a survey format and can be taken by an Australian, Asian, Asean or South African leader or staff member. The output of the survey measures the national culture norm of the individual which is then plotted against the foreign culture they are working in.  This predicts whether leaders and staff will experience specific challenges or not in a foreign culture and whether there are any cross cultural strengths.

*The MIBQ can be licensed and deployed easily with a report of data sent to the client.

Job focussed cultural training


MindTribes has developed cultural content on most Eastern and Western business contexts, based on the nine Dimensions of Culture Model.

Our differentiator is that our content is quickly tailored using the specific MIBQ data and an assessment of our client’s job context.  The MIBQ data is used to inform the trainer of the individual or group’s specific cultural gaps, so time is appropriately spent on the right cultural concepts.  Work samples are gathered during the assessment phase with a client, so that cultural knowledge is applied using scenarios, calls and case studies.  With this approach, participants gain specific knowledge about their cultural gaps and strengths and leave having already applied the cultural knowledge learnt to their job context.

*Job Focussed Training can be licensed and deployed in a Train The Trainer Format with Accreditation of trainers on an annual basis.

Performance coaching


Performance Coaching, post job-focussed training, is essential to support the development of cross cultural competence, when participants are back in their operational environment.

During this period measurements of performance or goals are assessed to include relevant cross cultural competencies.  Coaching sessions (individual or team) are scheduled across, a 12 week period, to maintain momentum to attain goals.  The GROWTH model together with International Coach Federation (ICF) methodologies are applied.

*Performance Coaching can be licensed in a Coach The Coach format.


Performance reviews


MindTribes is committed to making a sustainable change in cross cultural competence.  Performance Reviews, at the 6 and 12 month mark, allow for consultation, coaching, practical recommendations, and steady progress.

As MindTribes delivers these services across industries, they are positioned to provide a best practice comparative assessment. This stage also results in proof of a return on investment on training and coaching activity.  This service is executed as an independent MindTribes’s activity to maintain the objectivity of the evaluation.

*Where a licensing arrangement is in place this stage is used to reassess trainer and coach competence.


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