1. Tell me about how MindTribes services has been applied in other contexts

Filipino's Connecting with Australian & Singaporean Customers

Our client has a captive centre in Manila with staff engaging Australian and Singaporean senior financial clients in sales conversations. MindTribes delivered the MIBQ to Filipino staff and customised Filipino-Australian-Singaporean content based on staff’s cultural distance and the type of sales conversations. The quality metrics were changed to measure cross cultural competence with coaches currently being supported to coach and sustain progress.

Australian Leaders Connecting with Indian Staff

Australian leaders are engaged in weekly contact with their Indian back office staff. Notwithstanding, their relationships having developed over a few years, Australian leaders have not been able to maximise the capabilities of their offshore teams and have therefore reported productivity issues. The MIBQ will be launched, followed by a 2 hour seminar to debrief the results and formulate a plan of action for each team. Post this session, each leader will be coached to assess their capability to implement their plans of action. Indian team members will be given the MIBQ and MindTribes will work with each team to run cultural training, performance coaching and performance reviews.

Filipino's Connecting with Australian Students

Filipino staff are allocated to a group of Australian students (a high percentage are Asian immigrants) where they manage their movement and retention within their current courses. These conversations are personal, motivational, tactical and strategic and demand a high degree of cultural connection. However the training that has been provided to Filipino staff on Australian and Asian immigrant culture has been sporadic and high level. MindTribes has been engaged to deploy our services in a licensing format deploying the MIBQ, Job-Centric Culture training (in a train the trainer format), Performance Coaching (in a Coach to Coach format) and a Performance Review.

Australian Staff Supporting Expatriates Globally

Australian staff support the relocation of expatriates from a range of global locations to Australia. These conversations are relationship focussed and the quality of these interactions forms the service differentiator amongst competitors in the market. Australian staff operate transactionally and have never been trained on how to connect culturally and differentiate their service.  MindTribes has been engaged to unlock this potential, deploying the MIBQ, facilitating job-centric cultural training and performance coaching and reviews.
2. Are MindTribes services more suited to operational teams or senior leaders?

All the services can be tailored to both an operational context and strategic context. MindTribes has mapped strategic goals to design and execution of training, coaching and reviews e.g. Higher engagement goals. In addition cross cultural competences have been aligned to operational goals  e.g. increase in sales and NPS scores.

3. Does MindTribes work with onshore and offshore teams?

Yes while we might be engaged onshore, we almost always work with all the geographies involved, e.g. Australia and India or Australia and The Philippines. Our MIBQ is tailored to suit both Western and Eastern business contexts. Ideally we work with the whole team that executes a particular work flow to the customer irrespective of where they sit. Our aim is to achieve synergies across all cross border teams.

4. We have over 1000 Relationship Managers collaborating with Asian partners, how can we get this across all of them?

MindTribes seeks to licence our content across MIBQ, Job Focussed Training and Performance Coaching when over a 100 people per year are to be developed. We run Train The Trainer and Coach The Coach Programs to accredit our client’s staff to deploy our services internally, with flexibility. MindTribes still maintains 6 and 12 month performance reviews. Talk to us about how you can achieve scalability.

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