Fijian-Australian Business Transformation

Here is Martha Wedlock’s speech given on the 28th of September at the UK Customer Excellence Awards, 2017. “Bula everyone!  This is our Fijian greeting, it means Hello and how are you?  My name is Martha Wedlock and I am a Senior Team Leader (TL) at Mindpearl, Fiji.  Today I am going to share with you our change story.   Why me to represent this change?  Well, as a Team Leader I was involved right from the beginning and have seen the change through to our solid revenue results. Before I begin, let me introduce the three companies involved in the change: Mindpearl, where I am a TL. Mindpearl is a global multilingual contact centre Santa Fe Wridgways, Mindpearl and MindTribes joint client: a global relocations firm. MindTribes: (a company that our client introduced us to) works to improve business performance by culturally aligning people. In this case MindTribes worked to align us as Fijians to our Australian customers to improve our sales. Before I begin our change story, it is important for you to know a little background, so you understand how big our transformation really was.  Initially with Santa Fe in 2016, we were asked to perform customer service work, which Fijians are great at.  A few months in, our client challenged us to do sales calls and provided us with training from one of their senior sales leads from Australia.  We grew in competence and did convert an adequate number of leads, however we could do better.  In September 2016, Santa Fe’s CEO introduced us to MindTribes and our transformation began. MindTribes way of working is to... read more