MindTribes. Connecting Cultures. Aligning Performance.

MindTribes. Connecting Cultures. Aligning Performance.

MindTribes has supported the increase in sales, service, engagement and efficiencies by unlocking cross-cultural competence.

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Australia’s connection to foreign business climates is growing

Australian’s are leading more geographically spread teams. Asian, Asean and African staff are connecting with Australian customers and executing Australian business processes. As an example, the Indian BPO industry’s revenue is tipped to grow from $27 billion in 2015 to $50 billion in 2020, and Australian firms are a major contributor.

Yet, terminated or poor outsourced relationships, poor cross border mergers and acquisitions, unsuccessful global shared services divisions and expatriate failures are on the rise.

Here is the gap that exists for developed countries leaning on developing countries for growth. The consistent culprit sited in all these instances is poor cultural fit and integration.

We develop and support your resources to lead, follow, sell, service, and negotiate in a foreign business climate.


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MindTribes Launches CDW

MindTribes furthers it’s efforts in the Cultural Diversity space with CDW (Culturally Diverse Women).

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MindTribes in the Media

MindTribes was successful as a Finalist in the prestigious 2016 Telstra Business Awards.  In addition the brand has been recognised publicly in other awards and in the media.

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Our solutions

Our focus on supporting people cross border up to a 12 month period, has become our differentiator. We target our cultural knowledge to the context of the work or business environment. We don’t focus generically on ‘Doing Business in…” sessions, accents or language neutralisation, all of which does not have real relevance to the job. We don’t limit ourselves with just cultural training, as there is little transference of this knowledge on the job. We are more interested in the post training activity – this is why we can effect lifts in performance within 90 days.

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Our clients

Our valued clients represent all the different ways our services can be applied in a cross cultural context. From captive to offshored to global delivery centres, to multinationals with globally dispersed expatriates, our services have provided a major shift in how our clients do business cross border.

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Div, I am very pleased with the outcome and also the level of insights you have shared. I will see the team on Monday and cannot wait to touchbase with them on this experience that I am sure has been very priceless.  On behalf of the entire leadership team, big thanks Div. You have created a huge difference in all of our lives with your passion, connection and deep knowledge and expertise, and we cannot wait to make that impact to our customers’ businesses as well!

Head of Customer Relationship Development

MindTribes Gives

MindTribes is very conscious of the economic differences between developed and developing countries. As Australia leverages the benefits of doing business in Asian and Asean countries, and this lifts economic conditions of thousands of local staff, there is much to be done within local communities.  MindTribes Gives was created to address this gap.

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